Operation Get Outta Ma’ Garden!

As one of my many experiments I have decided to break out of my regular iCloud account and use a temporary Apple ID that is fresh and clean. 

The reason for this experiment is to find out two things:

  1. How dependent I am on my original iCloud account. 
  2. How much of the iOS experience depends on the iCloud integration. 

The second point is the most interesting one for me. iOS in of itself is awesome software, but just how awesome is it if you do not use any of the iCloud features that integrate with the operating system?

To find that out I have done the following:

  • Switched to Outlook.com for email, contacts, and calendars via the Outlook app. 
  • Using OneDrive for 1TB of cloud storage. It is set to automatically upload my camera roll for backup. 
  • Productivity suite: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Office Lens, and OneNote all synced with OneDrive. 
  • Firefox browser that is configured for Firefox Sync across my Mac, PC, and Galaxy Tab. 
  • Waze maps. 
  • Amazon Music. 
  • iMessage will continue to work with all of my family & friends who use iOS. It’ll be based on my mobile number. 
  • Viber for IM to my other friends who use various other platforms. 
  • HipChat for work IM. 
  • WordPress… Of course 🙂

I was able to skip creating an Apple ID when setting up my iPhone, but I had to create a new one in order to download the apps above. I would have thought that downloading free apps wouldn’t require an Apple ID, but it wasn’t to be, so I created a temporary one using my Outlook.com address. 


Amazon Music

Once again I have been reading through some of my older posts and came across my review of Amazon’s music service. I decided to see how far it has come since that review and it looks completely different. 

Amazon seems to have poured a lot of resources into their music service and there are a lot of features for Prime members, of which I am, so I’ll give it another try.