I think I have finally done it for realz this time!

I know. It wasn’t that long ago that I thought I had achieved plagtech nirvana, but this time I am convinced that I have arrived! I have seen the light!

It all comes down to Google Chrome. Previously I always made these huge leaps between various vendors and their respective platforms. For instance, a year or so ago if I had switched to Chrome I would have eventually switched to all of Google’s services for mail, contacts, calendar, photos etc.

This time around even though I am signed into Chrome with my Google account, I only do this to continue building upon the great collection of bookmarks, keep my passwords in sync, retain my maps history, and Youtube playlists. At work we used to use Google’s GSuite, but now we use Office 365, so there is no need to have multiple Google profiles in Chrome. Under a single profile I now have complete harmony for all my browser needs whether it be personal or work related. When I am not using a Mac I get the best iCloud.com experience on Chrome when running Windows or Linux too.

Because of this it really, really, really doesn’t matter which desktop Operating System I use. As for mobile, I am using Chrome on my iPhone 8 Plus, which works perfectly fine, but there are certain apps/actions where you cannot control which browser will be used when tapping on a link. I live with the fact that I may sometimes use Safari or if I can be bothered I’ll copy and paste the URL into Chrome. It’s a small price to pay considering all of the other benefits that I get from being an iOS user.