Shared post: The Question

The Question –

I had to share the above post from a blog that I am following because it totally came in handy once again today!

I was looking at buying a new GPS watch as a “special treat” for after my marathon next weekend. I then stopped myself and asked the question “why?”. 

You see, there is always a justification that comes first to trick yourself into believing that you need something new and shiny. “Oh well I did <insert activity here> so I deserve to treat myself to <insert thingy wotsit here>”. 

I’ve been a somewhat active runner since 2012, but starting on the first of January 2017 I put myself on a 16 week training plan for my first ever marathon! It will be a big accomplishment to run 26.2 miles, but does it justify spending​ anywhere between $300-$600 on a brand new GPS running watch? For a second, yes! But then I revisited the blog post that I shared and I really thought about it and said no!

Back in early 2013 my wife bought me the GPS running watch that I have now, which is a Garmin Forerunner 110. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it and I once ran 4 runs in a week on a single charge and it didn’t even go below 50%. It also does everything I need it to:

  • Tells the time. 
  • Tracks my location & evelation. 
  • Displays my current pace & total running time. 

I know it does a few more things than that, but they are all the things that I care about and get value from. So, why do I need a new one? I don’t and instead of me thinking “I deserve it for all of the hard work!” I am now questioning how many more runs can I do with it? How many more milestones can I reach? How many more goals can I accomplish?

Until the device becomes completely unusable I will continue to use it without any desire to swap it out for no real reason. 


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