Opera browser & utilities

So, within 24 hours I am now all about the Opera browser and the mobile app utilities that they have created as well.

On my Lenovo running Fedora 25 I have the regular Opera browser installed (not Opera Neon) and on my Pixel I have both the regular Opera browser and the Opera Mini browser too. I like the simplicity of the Opera Mini browser and there are more data saving options too.

In addition to the mobile browsers I have also installed the Opera VPN and Opera Max, which is a utility that lets you take complete control over how much data your phone uses.

So far I am loving the experience and I am using the Opera browser on my Pixel as a replacement for the dedicated social media apps that I use as well. The true test will be when my next cell phone bill arrives, as this month we went over our data allowance of 7GB’s and was charged $15 for an additional 1GB of which we only have 0.26GB left for the next 8 days before being charged again 😦


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