Chrome OS

I have successfully convinced myself that I could get by in the Post-PC world using solely an iPad as my primary device. This was a good learning experience and I know now that I could easily get away with spending $499 on an iPad versus $1,299 on a MacBook Pro. 

    How does being a platform agnostic technologist work in this world of mobile/tablet devices that are bounded to an ecosystem of app stores?

    With iOS I am getting by with all of the Google based apps. Likewise, on Android those apps are stock, so nothing to worry about there. On the desktop I have learned that everything I ever need can be obtained by simply installing the Google Chrome browser. 

    If I can get everything I need from a browser, then why couldn’t I get by with Chrome OS? There are many hardware options with Chrome OS with price tags ranging from $199 to $1,299. I still have my Google Chromebook CR-48 prototype, but it is so old and slow. It probably won’t even run the latest version of Chrome OS, so I am going to look online and research some of the different options out there. 


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