Motorola DROID Turbo 2

Yes, it’s a hell of a mouthful, but it looks like a really good phone. 

My carrier, Verizon, has offered me an early upgrade option of $0 down and a $300 credit if I trade in my iPhone 6 (64GB) today. It’s a compelling offer because come October my iPhone 6 will be 2 years old. 

From what I have been reading the Motorola offerings (DROID, X, and G) are very close to stock Android with just a few software additions from Motorola. This appeals to me to, but there is still a bit of a problem, because Verizon could still block updates from Google. 

The other thing that bugs me is that this flagship phone does not have optical image stabilization. This is critical for recording, especially when you are trying to keep up with a toddler!

I have no issues with my iPhone 6. It runs perfectly fine, but I am still itching to get my hands on an Android device that is running a stock (or very close to a stock) OS.


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