Google on iOS 

Since my last post I have basically been using all Google developed apps on my iPhone. The experience has been rather pleasant and everything seems to be working really well. 

The only thing I sync natively with iOS are my personal Gmail contacts, but everything else is done via a separate iOS app developed by Google. 

What I really like about this is that the experience between my iPhone 6 and Galaxy Tab 4 is pretty much the same. I even went as far as loading the same wallpaper from the Tab 4 to my iPhone 6, but that’s just because I am dorky like that. 

Of course there are subtle differences with how to navigate the apps due to the difference between iOS and Android, but for the most part it is like using the same device. I have to add though that things look a lot cleaner on the iPhone 6 with regards to the UI. I’ll provide side-by-side screenshots in a different post. 

For now though, here is a look at my current iOS setup:

If you would like a copy of the wallpaper, then here you go:



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