The Google Test

I feel as though one of the reasons I always run back to Apple is because I never fully detach myself from them. I love my email address and whenever I use another cloud service provider I instantly setup iCloud to forward to said,, or address and then in turn I configure said service send email as my addy. In addition to that I manually setup my calendars using CalDAV and my contacts I have to do a quick check between the two to make sure there are no discrepancies.

One thing I never blogged about after my Windows 10 testing was jumping to the Post-PC era. I successfully used an iPad as a replacement for my laptop for an entire week! I never thought that I could do it, but was very surprised when I did.

I believe the iPad test was very successful for two reasons:

  1. All of the apps I needed to carry out my job were available and worked really well.
  2. My iCloud account took care of all my personal items.

This meant, just like my MacBook Pro, that I had the best of both worlds on a single device.

My next Post-PC challenge will be to use my Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 as my primary device, but in order for me to make the most out of it I will need to get everything working on my personal Google account.

This will not be too difficult, but this time around I don’t want to go through the whole reconfiguration process. I want to use the device as it is fully intended to be, so that I can get the most accurate feel for how it all works together under the Google ecosystem.


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