Chrome OS

I have successfully convinced myself that I could get by in the Post-PC world using solely an iPad as my primary device. This was a good learning experience and I know now that I could easily get away with spending $499 on an iPad versus $1,299 on a MacBook Pro. 

    How does being a platform agnostic technologist work in this world of mobile/tablet devices that are bounded to an ecosystem of app stores?

    With iOS I am getting by with all of the Google based apps. Likewise, on Android those apps are stock, so nothing to worry about there. On the desktop I have learned that everything I ever need can be obtained by simply installing the Google Chrome browser. 

    If I can get everything I need from a browser, then why couldn’t I get by with Chrome OS? There are many hardware options with Chrome OS with price tags ranging from $199 to $1,299. I still have my Google Chromebook CR-48 prototype, but it is so old and slow. It probably won’t even run the latest version of Chrome OS, so I am going to look online and research some of the different options out there. 


    Jesse’s Diets 2016-01-27

    Seeing as most of my experiments last for about 1 week I have decided to take on the theme of one of my favourite sketch comedy shows, The Fast Show, in particular, Jesse’s Diets.

    So… this week I will be mostly using Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS.


    Motorola DROID Turbo 2

    Yes, it’s a hell of a mouthful, but it looks like a really good phone. 

    My carrier, Verizon, has offered me an early upgrade option of $0 down and a $300 credit if I trade in my iPhone 6 (64GB) today. It’s a compelling offer because come October my iPhone 6 will be 2 years old. 

    From what I have been reading the Motorola offerings (DROID, X, and G) are very close to stock Android with just a few software additions from Motorola. This appeals to me to, but there is still a bit of a problem, because Verizon could still block updates from Google. 

    The other thing that bugs me is that this flagship phone does not have optical image stabilization. This is critical for recording, especially when you are trying to keep up with a toddler!

    I have no issues with my iPhone 6. It runs perfectly fine, but I am still itching to get my hands on an Android device that is running a stock (or very close to a stock) OS.


    I’ve looked at my Udemy and Codecademy progress and I’ve never actually finished an entire course! I am the same with a lot of things in life e.g. TV shows & books. 

    Right now I have completed 26% of the Ruby course, 36% Swift, 47% Python, and 49% Java. 

    The Java course has been the easiest one to follow. I put this down to the quality of the instructor, as a lot of the other courses are either hard to follow or don’t have any formal instructor and requires me to complete the course by myself (which as you can see does not happen!). 

    It has been a while since I started the Java course, so I am going to start from the very beginning and for once in my life I am going to actually complete it!

    Wish me luck. 

    Udemy course by Raghavendra Dixit:

    Google on iOS 

    Since my last post I have basically been using all Google developed apps on my iPhone. The experience has been rather pleasant and everything seems to be working really well. 

    The only thing I sync natively with iOS are my personal Gmail contacts, but everything else is done via a separate iOS app developed by Google. 

    What I really like about this is that the experience between my iPhone 6 and Galaxy Tab 4 is pretty much the same. I even went as far as loading the same wallpaper from the Tab 4 to my iPhone 6, but that’s just because I am dorky like that. 

    Of course there are subtle differences with how to navigate the apps due to the difference between iOS and Android, but for the most part it is like using the same device. I have to add though that things look a lot cleaner on the iPhone 6 with regards to the UI. I’ll provide side-by-side screenshots in a different post. 

    For now though, here is a look at my current iOS setup:

    If you would like a copy of the wallpaper, then here you go: