Windows 10

I have been using Windows 10 on both my Dell E6430 and my workstation at the office. It is very slick looking and like the fact that the start menu has returned to its former self, but with still enough change to make it more than just the kind of start menu from previous versions.

I don’t have any complaints to be brutally honest. By doing this I have finally found an awesome PuTTY replacement. The Git for Windows application comes with a Bash Shell, which is far better to use for SSH’ing to servers than the NT looking PuTTY application. It’s also nice to be able to use the command line for Git operations versus a GUI.

This week I’ll be switching back to OS X as my primary operating system to see what I have missed. At the same time I will be switching my workstation over to Ubuntu 15.10 (Wily Werewolf). I’ll keep the E6430 running Windows 10, so that way I can interchange between all three.



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