Fedora 23

I have been reading through a number of my older articles and a couple of things stood out. There are multiple “I am back again!” posts, which just means I am insane and can’t stay away from plagtechism.

A second thing was my previous attempts to use Linux as my primary OS. These experiments were cool and even though I ultimately came back to OS X I want to try it again with Fedora 23.

I have my SSH keys setup properly and ready to use with my jump host, the git server, and my knife environment is all good to go for Chef.

This time around I have opted to use Google Chrome as my browser of choice for both work and personal browsing. I like being able to switch between the two profiles in one browser whereas Firefox currently only lets you sync with one account.

One of the reasons I think my previous attempts failed is because I would was using a really old Dell D420 that was a slow Core2Duo with 2GB’s of RAM. I no longer have that laptop and now have the Dell E6430, which has a Core i7, 8GB’s of RAM, and an SSD.

Screenshot from 2015-11-22 11-55-13


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