Call me bat shit crazy, but…

I hate spam email, so I have tried a few things to try and combat it.

The first thing I tried was setting up an alias within my primary iCloud email account, but I have grown to like my alias so much that I don’t really want to use it for spam (spam includes those mandatory accounts that you have to create even if you are using the service just once! Grr, those things bug me!!!).

I then setup a Gmail account, which I currently use with all of my social media accounts as well others e.g. Strava, Geocaching, and the like.

However, the Gmail account is in my name and there is nothing about it that hides my true identity. So, here is where the crazy part comes in to play. What if I were to setup a new email account (provider has not been decided as yet) that is setup with a completely nonsensical username that I will forward to my Gmail account, which in turn forwards to my primary email address?

Is that going too far?


Fedora 21

It has been a while, so I’ll be brief. I have installed Fedora 21 on my HP laptop. It’s been about a year (I think) since I last used Fedora and I remember being thoroughly unimpressed. So far, I have not had any hard feelings or issues with the latest version.

I also remember being disappointed with GNOME 3, but I decided to give it another shot. It’s definitely a lot more refined!

More to come.