Social Networks

Just like how I used to have an email address with every service provider I also have a social network account with Twitter, Facebook, and Google+

In each of these social networks I follow the same friends, family, tech companies, brands, and people of interest.

I also have my Twitter account linked to Facebook, but G+ remains as it’s own little island.

Each of these platforms are unique in their own way and each has their distinct advantages. I plan to continue utilizing all three, but rather than following the same people and companies in each one I have decided to break them up like so:

Advantages: All of my friends and family are on Facebook, so it is easier to utilize this platform for more personal things e.g. My wife and I just had our first child and it has been awesome to share pics with my family overseas.
Disadvantages: Even though I can “Like” the tech companies and brands I enjoy there is no sense of community on Facebook to ask questions and provide answers to other peoples questions.

Advantages: Short, sweet, and to the point. I will use Twitter as my hobby platform. I follow a lot of runners (professional athletes & casual runners alike) as well as following Runner’s World, Running Times, Trail Runner Magazine etc. so it’s nice to get quick short blurbs on the latest and greatest news and tips.
Disadvantages: Same reason as Facebook, but replace “Like” with “Follow”.

Advantages: Communities! Communities! Communities! Communities! Communities! (Think Steve Ballmer). Google+ has an awesome communities feature that allows you to join certain groups and discuss whatever it is the topic may entail. This is a great way to seek answers to any question you have or join a particular conversation that you can contribute answers to. This is going to come in handy when learning new technologies, so that I can collaborate with people that have first hand experience as opposed to just plain and dry documentation.
Disadvantages: Nobody I know in real life actually uses Google+ on a regular basis, so there’s no point trying to use it for friends and family.


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