Tech ADD

I am 100% convinced that I have Tech ADD, meaning an attention deficit disorder for all things technology! One minute I am all about this browser, that OS, those plugins, these add-ons, this cloud service etc. I just can’t frigging decide, which ones I want to stick to!

Lately I have been on a cloud service binge and have once again switched from iCloud as my primary email, contacts, calendar provider to Gmail and then recently over to I love, but I know there will be a point where Apple or Google or maybe some brand new provider suddenly does something spectacular that makes me go “Oooooh! I want to use that service now!”. As a result of all of these changes I then change my email address, swearing to all those affected by having to update their contacts list, that this will be the last time I make a change.

Well, a very good friend of mine made a very good suggestion to cure (at least for those affected) this need to switch up providers and change my email address every other week. He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named (no, I’m not friends with Lord Voldemort) recommended that I purchase my own private domain and use the email address associated with my domain as my permanent email address. Then, forward emails aimed at address to the cloud service of my choice. Magnifique! I never did this before because I didn’t want to fork out the dollars for a domain, well, when I finally found the domain I wanted it is a mere $12.99, which is not exactly breaking the bank! So for the sake of my sanity (and those around me) spending those dollars will give me one email address that I can use for all of my online accounts and doesn’t tie me into a single ecosystem should I, scratch that, when I decide to switch platforms again.

Also, I have plans to utilize my domain for a private blog that my family can follow. I will also utilize my domain to create an authentication system whereby my family will have an login to utilize, so that they can login to the private blog and eventually some private repository of photo’s etc.


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