Cloud Service Bliss

OK, so here goes… Now that I have my private domain up and running I have one email address to rule them all! To help with the consolidation of craziness I have decided to revisit Yahoo! cloud services because this time, if I do decide to change again down the road, I no longer need to forward emails sent to the Yahoo! addy, I just make the forwarding change at the domain level instead.

Also, Yahoo! has awesome mail apps for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone making it the most vendor neutral solution across all mobile platforms. In addition to mobile platforms it has the most complete integration out of all other providers (outside of iCloud of course) in OS X. With my Yahoo! account I can utilize the native Mail, Contacts, Calendars, Reminders, Notes, and iMessage apps whereas with Gmail you get Mail, Calendars, and Notes. As for, well, that is non-existent on OS X and from what I have looked at online a lot of manual intervention is required to configure just email alone! This is not the case with on iOS though, so I am a little perplexed as to why there is such a lack of integration in OS X for

Another thing I like about the dedicated Yahoo! Mail app for iOS (and no doubt Android & Windows Phone) is that I can send emails under the guise of my private domain email address.

My setup as of today now consists of:

Desktop OS = Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks
Mobile OS = iOS 7
Mail, Contacts, and Calendars = Yahoo!
Reminders / To-do’s = Yahoo!
Online Storage = SkyDrive
Browser = Firefox 24.0
Bookmark Sync = Xmarks

Now that I am on a consolidation kick (thanks Cult of Less!) I am thinking of signing up for Dropbox, so that I have a cross-platform online storage solution that I may be able to use to finally work on my hybrid local & cloud storage configuration using my RaspberryPi NAS setup.


3 thoughts on “Cloud Service Bliss

      1. Brilliant! Here’s the link: …… I use Copy just as much as I do Dropbox, I use Dropbox for backing data up from certain apps on my phone and PC and I use Copy mainly for backing up personal data i.e docs/PDF bills and photos….. I’m just like yourself, I don’t like being tied in to one system.

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