I Have My Knickers in a Twist

I just can’t decide! Less than two weeks after switching to Gmail services, as a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 purchase was imminent, I am now lusting over Outlook.com again!

The reason being, and this probably comes from my Apple ways, is that I just like nicely done and well finished products. Google has all the features I need on a daily basis: Email, Contacts, Calendars, Online Storage to name a few, but to use them they’re just so “meh!”.

Outlook.com on the other hand is very tidy with it’s simplistic design, even better than iCloud.com in my opinion. I think iCloud.com has gone too far (I’m sure Jony Ive would disagree) and there is just too much white space for my liking. I see parts of iOS 7 are the same too, it just feels so empty.

I’m not going to make a brash switch to Outlook.com just yet, as I want to do some more research and planning to see how switching to Outlook.com affects me for the other things I use e.g. mobile devices and Linux.

In other news I have decided to start using Firefox again in conjunction with Xmarks for bookmark syncing. The reason for this decision is based on being able to use Xmarks across any browser without having to worry about syncing my bookmarks specifically with Gmail or iCloud based on whether I use Chrome or Safari, and in this case where it works really well, a completely different browser that has no ties to Google or Apple.

Lastly, I have been running Windows 8.1 Preview natively on my HP Pavilion dm4 this week and so far I really like it, especially the ability to snap two “metro” apps side-by-side, which comes in handy. They have also brought back the Start button, which doesn’t act like the Start button from Windows 7 and older versions. It works the same way as hitting the Windows key on your keyboard, but apparently a lot of people were very upset with Microsoft over it’s removal as it wasn’t so obvious on how you could get back to “metro” mode, which is no longer called metro due to some lawsuit, so forgive me…


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