Platform Agnosticism Prevails!

I can’t help being a plagtech, plain and simple! I decided to delete my previous post “So long and thanks for all the fish!”, as I want the flow of this blog to continue as if I had never stopped posting. However, to give you a little summary, I basically decided that I was going to stick to an all Apple solution for mobile & laptop, as well as the corresponding cloud services for mail, contacts, calendars, reminders, and entertainment. 

Then something called iOS 7 happened… I have to remind myself that I am running the latest version of iOS on two year old hardware, but despite some lag it’s the overall OS that I just do not like. It’s vastly different to look at, but at the same time it’s so “meh”. To quote somebody at work it is like a “Fisher Price toy phone” or a “girly version of Android”. It also reminded me that Apple is not necessarily the best at everything. If you ask me what I think of my MacBook Air I would tell you that I love it and that its 12 hour battery life is simply amazing! If you ask me what I think of my iPhone 4S I would tell you that I love the design and it has a quality feel to it while holding.

However, there are so many other quality phones out there. The HTC One, Motorola MotoX, Nokia Lumia 928, LG Nexus 4, and the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 are all beautiful phones. Now, the SGN3 is ginormous with its 5.7″ screen, but Samsung has really upped the quality with the latest version of this phone whereas the SG3 & SG4 still feel like cheap and easily breakable plastic phones.

As you can see, my focus is around mobile phones. For me, in the desktop/laptop category the battle was already won with the arrival OS X. Sure, I’ve dabbled with Windows 8 (and still think it is good by the way) and sure enough I have downloaded the Windows 8.1 Preview to install on my older laptops BootCamp partition. Then of course there is Linux with Ubuntu being my favourite distro hands down. But, the real question is, if I had to pick a desktop OS to use full time what would it be? It would most definitely be OS X. 

It’s easy being a plagtech on a desktop/laptop computer as well, but on the mobile devices there are certain things that work better on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone if you use Apple’s, Google’s, or Microsoft’s services. Each one provides more seamless integration to their own ecosystem if you use their corresponding cloud services. With iOS & iCloud for instance you have the “Find My iPhone” feature as well as seamless integration with iTunes Match in addition to your standard mail, contacts, and calendars. The same goes for the Google/Android and Microsoft/Windows Phone offering too. 

The BIG difference is this… Up until recently, if you stick to iOS you only have one phone to choose from when it came to upgrade. This changed just recently with the introduction to the iPhone 5C, which are more suited for high school kids in my opinion, and then the iPhone 5S being the upscale version (which looks exactly the same as the iPhone 5). 

With Android and Windows Phone you have a lot of devices to choose from, but here is where it gets tricky. The Windows Phone options are mostly Nokia based with a handful of Samsung’s and HTC’s to choose from too, but in terms of the software you get a consistent user experience regardless of manufacturer. When choosing an Android device not only do you have to consider which hardware you are purchasing, but also which “skin” or “flavour” of Android you are going to be using too. I’ve always said that if I was going to buy an Android device it would be in the Nexus range, so that I could get stock Android and any updates would come directly from Google. This seems rather limiting though, as even though the Nexus range changes a lot each year, there are still so many other devices out there to choose from, so I would most likely pick any device, wipe it, and install the stock version of Android. 

Lastly, Verizon just emailed me about a new plan they offer called Verizon Edge. While on my current plan I technically still have one more year to go before I can upgrade at the subsidized cost, but should I upgrade earlier then I would have to pay the full blown retail price, which can be anything up to $700 on some of these new phones. Well, with Verizon Edge I can upgrade now, but rather than paying $700 upfront, for say the SGN3, I can still get that device, but it would add $24 per month to my normal $69 monthly bill. After six months I can then upgrade to whatever new device comes out and still only pay the additional $24 per month. Something to think about…


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