What I use

I just got back from a long weekend trip by the coast. The lodge that we stayed in was very nice, but the WiFi was so slow that I think a carrier pigeon would have been a more effective way of communicating to the outside world. 

It was so bad in fact that I left my laptop in my bag and decided to use my iPhone and the Verizon 3G network. This was OK, but certain social networking apps were still really slow and the native mail client was pretty dismal. 

What I ended up doing was installing Google’s native apps for Search, Gmail, Chrome and Drive. I already had Google Maps installed, which as of late has completely replaced my Magellan car GPS device. 

For some reason the Google apps over 3G were far more responsive than the native iOS mail app, SkyDrive, and the Firefox Home browser sync app, which I used in conjunction with the Safari browser.

Perhaps Google has some special QoS deal with Verizon or maybe Google’s technology and services is just far more superior than anything else out there? Who knows… Whatever the case, using Google’s services provided a much more optimal experience in these diabolical low bandwidth situations. 

Fortunately, I still had my notes file on my Google Drive folder, which contained a number of things we did the last time we were in the area over a year ago. Searching with the Google app and browsing with Chrome made looking up reviews of restaurants and places to go so much easier. My bookmarks were somewhat outdated, as I have been using Firefox for some time now, but for the most part all of my most important bookmarked items were still synced via my Gmail account. 

As you can imagine, this was a turning point. A full 180 degrees, and without having to repeat myself again I will refer you to a previous blog post of mine on April 24th called Google the Great!

The only differences now are:

Desktop OS = Mac OS X 10.8.3 Moutain Lion
Mobile OS = iOS 6.1.3
Mail, Contacts, and Calendars = Google
Tasks / To-do’s = Google
Online Storage = Google Drive
Browser = Google Chrome
Bookmark Sync = Google Chrome



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