I’ve been bitten by the PAT bug again!

So much for NFP syndrome! I guess it’s in my nature to never stick to just one thing, as in one device, one set of software, or a single platform.

I have continued to use Windows 8 on a daily basis at work on a dedicated PC with a quad-core i7, 8GB’s or RAM, and a 21″ monitor. This is the setup that I use all day and rarely ever touch my MacBook Pro.

When I am home I use the MacBook Pro with OS X, as the symbiotic relationship between the hardware and software results in uber battery life. It is unbelievably superior compared to running Windows 8 in power saver mode on both the same MacBook Pro or on an HP Pavilion laptop.

The fact that I am now switching between Mac@Home and PC@Work has rekindled my desire to continue the pursuit for PAT bliss!

This time I am taking a different approach with an emphasis on separating work and play. How do I plan to do this? Read on…

Whether I am on Windows 8 or Mac OS X I have specifically chosen a set of applications that can be used for both work or personal use on the same machine, so if I don’t happen to have my MacBook Pro at hand I can still look up any relevant personal information on my work PC. Here is the breakdown:

Work = Google Chrome
Home = Firefox
Mobile = Firefox Home
Both Chrome & Firefox support decent bookmark syncing that works cross platform. As for Firefox Home on iPhone, this is being used purely to sync open tabs and history etc. However, as it is not a fully fledged browser I have configured it to launch Safari when I do select a bookmark that I want to open.

File sharing:
Work = Box
Home = SkyDrive

Mail, Contacts, and Calendars:
Work = Outlook 2010, Mail.app, and Gmail.com
Home = Outlook.com
The reason I have chosen Outlook.com for home use is because it ties in so beautifully with SkyDrive, which is something I can simply not give up!

Work = Pen and Paper (literally!)
Home = Reminders
Yes, I kid you not! For work I have gone back to the traditional use of a biro and piece of tree shaving. As for using Reminders, which is strictly an iOS app, the reason I can get away with using this for now is that my iPhone is always within arms reach and doubles up as a really friggin’ awesome PDA! Because it syncs with my Outlook.com calendar I can view my reminders via the Outlook.com website if I really needed to, but for the most part that will not be necessary.


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