NFP Syndrome

“What is NFP Syndrome?” I hear you ask… No Fucking Patience Syndrome is a severe condition that I have suffered from over the past 3 years or so.  Here’s how I know when I am really suffering:

  • Company X appears to get complacent, so one wonders off to find alternatives
  • Companies Y & Z release software with multiple features across a plethora of hardware devices
  • One simply can’t contain himself and shuns his existing tech from Company X and becomes an evangelist for Y & Z’s products
  • In these moments of evangelism one completely switches online services, software, and in some cases hardware too
  • Company X unleashes a mind-boggling number of great enhancements to their online services, tons of new software features, and awe-inspiring hardware!
  • One simply retreats on his prior actions and begs for mercy

Welcome to my life! Time and time again I fanny around with this, that, and the other. Never happy with what I already have because some other company has a sparkly new UI or a few features that currently do not exist on the platform I use. 

Incase you haven’t already guessed, Company X is Apple, Company Y is Google, and Company Z is Microsoft. I have been using Windows 8 everyday for the past month, that’s four whole weeks, and I have no qualms with it whatsoever. In that time I have been using for Mail, Contacts, Calendars, and Cloud Storage. The main purpose of switching to was for email due to the severe spam issues I am experiencing with my email account. In addition to better spam filtering I am a huge fan of the web interface for email (and the other services too). Secondly, I love SkyDrive because of reasons I have explained multiple times in prior posts, but most of all because of the web-based version of Office. Well, as of today Apple has made a number of improvements that bring on par with The first and best thing (so far) is that Pages, Numbers, and Keynote will all be available via the web interface this Fall. There are a number of tighter integrations between OS X & iOS via iCloud like that make the two platforms work much better.

My favorite features so far is being able to plan a journey with Maps in the new OS X named Mavericks and being able to send it straight to your iPhone as you leave the house. Now, hopefully the Maps app itself works better than the current version otherwise this feature is redundant, but it is promising. The other feature I like is iCloud Keychain.  As all of you who know me too well understand, browsing is a critical part to my daily life (as if I’m alone!)… The new cosmetic features in Safari justify switching back to this browser, but it’s iCloud Keychain that does it for me. Not only does it let me sync passwords between OS X and iOS versions of Safari, but like 1Password, it can generate uber secure random passwords and sync them across all devices too. I never trusted 1Password because it’s a third-party app that I am allowing to generate passwords to my most sacred online accounts. I have been using the Google Chrome browser and syncing options with my Google account to store passwords and browsing history, but seeing iCloud Keychain has changed my views entirely. 

It’s clear that Apple is moving away from their skeuomorphic designs that currently plague their suite of apps. In a bid to cure myself of NFP Syndrome I am going to stick with iCloud and assume that the OS X and UI’s receive the same UI overhaul that was demonstrated with iOS 7 today. In OS X the iCal app has already lost the leather binder look and feel in favor of a flatter and more elegant design. It’s logical that Apple will give and Contacts the same makeover in good time as well.

Once again, I am thoroughly impressed with what Apple has produced (and I didn’t even mention the new Mac Pro), which makes me think “If I had just bloody waited!” then I would not have to keep switching back and forth between these different platforms over and over again.