Love / Hate

I have this love / hate relationship with an application named Things, which is a GTD app developed by a company called Cultured Code.

It is only available for OS X and iOS, so it goes against everything a PAT like myself stands for.

However, I always find myself reverting back to it. The simple fact of the matter is that this app actually enables me to get shit done, really done!

Evernote, to me, is like a note repository. Maybe I am not using it correctly, but I have never become completely drawn to Evernote as a utility that I can use to get stuff done. I always find that I use it for some time and then before I know it I’m back to pen and paper.

With Things I can manage to keep everything completely digital. Perhaps its because its so easy to use that it becomes second nature to add items as and when they are presented to you.

I know it only supports the Apple platforms, but I have my iPhone for at least one more year before my contract is up. Plus, I still use a Mac for work and its because of work that I use a GTD application to its full potential anyway.

Does anybody out there have any recommendations for GTD software, both mobile and desktop?

I would be interested to hear what you use on a daily basis.



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