Yahoo! – A Plagtech’s dream come true?

Per my previous post I was expressing my concerns for the Google, Apple, and Microsoft ecosystem approach to their respective Gmail, iCloud, and web services.

So, I decided to check out Yahoo! as they seem to be the only viable web service without a desktop or mobile OS ecosystem that they try to lure you into. After signing up for my ymail address I was shown a list of applications for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone/Surface that I could use to access ymail.

This is awesome, as they have a dedicated app for each ecosystem. Right now, I setup my Yahoo! account on my iPhone using the traditional method. So far so good, as I can sync mail, contacts, calendars, notes, and reminders. However, I think I will give the iOS app a shot and see if it offers more functionality and/or a better experience.

Web services aside here is how my current platform agnostic setup stands:

  • Desktop OS = Ubuntu 12.04.2 on a Dell Latitude D430
  • Mobile OS = iOS 6.1.3
  • Mail, Contacts, and Calendars = Yahoo!
  • Tasks / To-do’s = Evernote
  • Online Storage = Microsoft SkyDrive
  • Browser = Firefox 20.0
  • Bookmark Sync = Xmarks

The only item I may re-evaluate is the online storage, as I want to utilize a service that I can use to sync a local file server with a cloud storage provider. Microsoft SkyDrive offers a Windows and Mac sync client that can be installed on a desktop/laptop which will provide synchronization for locally stored files. What I would prefer is to use my Raspberry Pi NAS setup to sync to a cloud storage service, so that locally my NAS can do network sharing to any computer without installing a client as well as being able to access the files from any device across the Internet.

More on that later…



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