Tracking diet

There are a lot of apps out there that like to track your every move and I have a lot of them installed. These aren’t malicious apps that are digitally stalking me by the way, because I give these apps permission to track my movements.

I also have a number of apps that track my weight, water, and food intake as well. No location data is taken with these types of apps, but they are still tracking my daily/weekly habits.

So, I have decided to say toodle doo to all of these apps and the reason being isn’t due to some fear and paranoia of my data’s wellbeing, but due to the simple question of why?

Why do I need to track every walk, run, hike, and bike ride? Why do I need to track every meal, snack, and glass of water I consume?

The simple answer to these questions is because I can! The apps are available and easily downloadable. Some of them are free and others are no more than $2-$3 each, so hardly breaking the wallet.

However, I have finally decided to say to hell with them… except WeightBot. I think it is good track your weight and BMI and the good thing about doing this is that it doesn’t have to be daily… heck, it doesn’t even have to be weekly either!

The other apps, such as Livestrong, require a lot of fiddling around that just takes time throughout the day and then the workout apps like Strava Cycling, Strava Running, MapMyHike etc. are just distractions from the task at hand.

If I want to go out for a hike or a bike ride then I take pleasure in doing just that without the need to track every minute of every mile.

Here’s to app tracking liberation!


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