Hail the return of Plagtech!

I started going down the road of unifying all my tech to a particular set of devices (all Apple), a particular set of online services (all Apple), and then some specific applications that were a mix of Apple and other developers, some of which only ran on OS X and iOS.

It was all working just fine and dandy until I had to switch to Windows. It was work related and I was trying to reproduce a particular issue by putting myself in the position of using Windows full time.

I found that I did not have access to all of the tools I needed because they weren’t readily available and the apps I depended on could not be installed on Windows. The alarm bells started ringing again and it has reminded me of the core values of platform agnosticism.

Throughout the week I have moved all of my data to apps and services that can be accessed on Mac, Windows and Linux as well as their mobile counterparts.


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