No more streaming

I’m not even half way through my monthly Verizon billing cycle and I received an alert that I have consumed 75% of my data allowance!

I have never come close to churning through my data before, but it didn’t take me too long to realize how this has happened… Streaming!

I pushed everything to Amazon Cloud Player, which unlike iTunes in the Cloud, does not download each track after it has been streamed; therefore by listening to the same playlist over and over I am repeatedly paying for that data.

Does this mean a return to iTunes in the Cloud? Hell no! The reason I can’t switch back is because the streaming is terrible. Songs cut out at any given time and if cant reestablish a connection your music just stops there and then. All of my streaming is done via 3G because I listen to music most when in the car.

Instead I am going back to the old fashioned way of doing things. By old fashioned I don’t mean I am going to bust out the Sony radio cassette Walkman. What I am going to do is download the playlists I listen to directly to my iPhone and leave the rest on Amazon’s servers.

My playlists will only take up ~200MB (if that), which will be better than downloading my entire music library (~10GB).


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