Morning emails

My phone pretty much does everything, but I have never stopped to think if it does too much!

I won’t try and list every single task my phone does for me, but the biggest and most obvious one (outside of making phone calls) is email. It supports multiple accounts, so I can stay up to date with my work emails and personal emails whenever I want to. It is very convenient, but can it be too much?

Everyday my phone wakes me up with a jingling sound at 5:45am and my body agrees to this waking up at around 6am. The first thing I do after deactivating my alarm is to check my inbox. I know I am not alone with this habit, but you have to wonder if it really is necessary. Are we in that much need to know exactly what is going on from the moment our eyes gain the ability to focus on this little LCD display?

Before I had the ability to check emails on my phone I would probably give myself roughly ten minutes of wakey wakey time before my face was illuminated by the screen of my laptop, so with the introduction of smartphones I don’t even give myself the opportunity to get the coffee brewing before I am preparing myself for what lies ahead of me at the office that morning.

For the most part my colleagues on the previous shift would have dealt with all the issues that came in while I was sleeping, so why do I do it? That’s actually a good question and I can’t answer it right now; therefore there is only one way to find out!

Starting tomorrow morning I am not going to check my emails the very second I wake up. I’ll let you know how that goes or if I even remember ha ha! It would be sad if I forget, but like any habit it has become second nature and it wouldn’t surprise me if I suddenly remember as my inbox begins filling up!

Let’s see how well this goes 🙂


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