Too good to be true

As I was setting up my text-based server install of Ubuntu 12.04.1 I was pleasantly surprised to see that it detected my Panda USB WiFi NIC. I was prompted to enter the SSID and WPA2 passphrase and it was off and away downloading updates as it installed the core OS.

However, once the OS was completely installed and I rebooted the system the Panda NIC could no longer obtain an IP address. The device shows no errors, and DHCP worked just fine during the installation phase, so I am not sure why it is failing now. It’s possible that one of the updates may have killed it, but there are no errors listed during POST. 

So, I can try to continue troubleshooting it or I may just throw the whole darn thing away. As I let the Optiplex 320 fester I got an Ubuntu 12.04.1 server VM up and running in minutes with just 1 virtual CPU and 512MB of RAM. Seeing as I now have 8GB’s of RAM in my laptop I could easily run 4 of these guys simultaneously without disrupting my laptops overall performance too much and that’s only if I need 4 servers running!

Once I have played around with the VM a bit more and have a configuration I can back up and restore then I may invest in some decent hardware for my home lab.


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