Face the music

It’s time to face the music and dance!

So far, all of my Ubuntu dabblings have involved me installing Ubuntu desktop on the host and then using ssh to remotely access it from my MacBook Pro. However, with all the great improvements in Ubuntu 12.04.1 it is slowing down my old Optiplex 320 a lot.

That is why I am going to install Ubuntu Server 12.04.1 instead. The server edition has everything I need, but it also has everything my computer doesn’t need… a graphical user interface!

As part of my previous job I was very familiar with CentOS Server, which is a RedHat derivative, but I have never used Ubuntu Server before. Seeing as I use ssh to access and configure the box there will be no difference, but the one thing I like about a GUI is using it to troubleshoot issues when I need to be physically in front of the box.

Startup Disk Creator has just alerted me that the latest image of Ubuntu Server is now loaded onto my USB flash drive, so now it’s time to crack on with the installation.


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