A boot in the arse!

I was enjoying a week of triple booting between OS X Mountain Lion, Windows 7 and Fedora 17 Xfce this week when, after a few beers, I did what I usually do and began tinkering with my setup! This has resulted in both my Windows and Fedora partition to no longer boot 😦

Fortunately, I can still boot into OS X, so I am not completely down. I’m not so worried about my Fedora partition, but I had spent quite a lot of time working on my Windows partition because I use it for work purposes when trying to repro customer issues.

The worst part is that I cannot restore the partitioned space back into the OS X Journaled format either, so I am going to have to format the entire hard drive!

I guess the best way of looking at it is that I get to do a fresh install of OS X Mountain Lion 🙂


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