Goodbye iTunes Match. Hello Amazon Cloud Player!

I am now a customer of Amazon’s Cloud Drive / Cloud Player suite of online storage and entertainment!

For $20 ($4.99 less than iTunes Match) I now have 20GB’s of online storage and ALL of my music in the cloud. This isn’t a vendetta against Apple, but more of a ploy to have a neutral vendor where I can stream or download my music to any device from any device. 

I constantly interchange between my work Mac account, personal Mac account as well as the Windows 7 Ultimate partition on my MacBook Pro. Using simply a browser I will be able to access all of my music in any of these accounts.

This is great because I can spend days at a time in Windows 7 if I am troubleshooting a customer issue. I also no longer have to rely on my phone as a walkman when in the office or at home. Plus, the Amazon Cloud Player app is available on multiple mobile OS’s as well, unlike Google’s online music offering.

I am pretty sure Apple will be releasing a browser based version of iTunes that will most likely be associated to your login, but as previously mentioned, this is more of a ploy to not have one vendor control everything. If I were to have an Android or Windows Mobile in the future I know my Amazon music/data will be accessible. Right now there is no iCloud or iTunes Match app that would let me stream my iTunes music on Android or Windows Mobile. I would have to manually sync to a non-iDevice.



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