Xubuntu 12.04 LTS

I’ve been going through Linux OS’ like browsers as of late, but I believe I have found “the one”.

It goes by the name of Xubuntu. It is a combination of Ubuntu and the Xfce user interface.

You see, Ubuntu is by far the easiest and most dependable Linux distro I* have ever used.

Notice I said “I”, as in me, yes, this is my opinion and as a platform agnostic technologist I ask that if you wish to ignite a flame war please take it as far away from this blog as possible!

I was once an avid user Red Hat’s Fedora distro before I discovered Canonical’s Ubuntu. I first started using Ubuntu with version 9.04 and immediately adopted the apt-get way of life. There were so many more packages available to download compared to using yum.

Then along came the Ubuntu Software Center, which made installing apps even easier than a few simple commands. The support for Ubuntu has just snowballed ever since and it has become such an awesome and mature platform. However, it seemed as though as fast as Ubuntu became more streamlined the Unity user interface was born and for some reason I just couldn’t adjust!

I soon learned that I wasn’t alone and so I tried going back to Fedora. Fedora sported the all new Gnome 3 desktop environment and after a couple of hours usage I’m still struggling to decide which one I dislike the most!! It left me thinking “What on Earth happened to the two leaders in Linux?!”.

The search for a new Linux distro began and I went through OpenSUSE, Mint, then back to Fedora with the Xfce user interface. I really liked the Xfce interface and thought to myself “Wouldn’t this be great with Ubuntu!” and so with a quick DuckDuckGo search I found http://xubuntu.org


The screenshot speaks for itself. So, now I have all the awesomeness and ease of use that Ubuntu provides with the sleek Xfce user interface. Here is a screenshot of the desktop from a vanilla install of Xubuntu.


There is a pre-configured “dock-like” menu at the bottom of the screen that is set to auto-hide by default. Then the remaining applications and settings can be found by clicking on the little blue mouse icon located in the upper left corner of the screen.

An added bonus is that there is a pre-installed screensaver called GLMatrix that is just downright awesome!

Of course, Firefox is the default browser of which I have already configured to use Xmarks for bookmark syncing and DuckDuckGo as the default search engine.

Thunderbird is the default email client, which happens to be my favourite, as is the Pidgin IM client, which now supports more IM protocols than you can shake a stick at!



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