Browser status

For those who know me well I will spare you of a lengthy blog post spelling out the reasons why I have switched browsers once again. All I am going to do is list the following:

Browser of choice = Firefox
Supported OS’s = Mac OS X, Windows and Linux
Default search engine = DuckDuckGo
Bookmark syncing = Xmarks
Add-ons = Ghostery, Adblock Plus, BetterPrivacy and Collusion

But what about that iPhone? Here’s the workaround…

Xmarks is supported on all major browsers, so all I have to do is install Xmarks on Safari, which will allow the bookmarks I sync in Firefox transport themselves to Safari on my Mac. I will then rely on iCloud to sync the bookmarks in Safari on my Mac to my iPhone.

There is an Xmarks app available for the iPhone and iPad, but it requires a premium Xmarks account. I haven’t researched it yet, but if it is any good I may sign up. Until then I will rely on the Xmarks/iCloud combo sync to get bookmarks on my iPhone.


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