What is a platform agnostic technologist?

Well, the answer is in the name, but basically there is so much great technology out there in the world why would you want to corner yourself into one platform?

Admittedly, my hardware of choice right now is Apple. I have owned multiple MacBook’s and MacBook Pro’s over the years and I recently purchased an iPhone 4s.

What is awesome about the Intel based MacBook lineup though is the fact that they can run Windows and Linux natively, thus allowing me to use all three major platforms on a single device.

Right now, I am running Mac OS X Lion as my primary partition, which consists of an Ubuntu 12.04 virtual machine running on VMWare Fusion. I then have a 50GB Boot Camp partition set aside for Windows 7 Ultimate, which I can run natively or within VMWare Fusion.

The one thing that does worry me and ultimately goes against being a platform agnostic technologist is the cell phone. My previous employer provided me with an iPhone 3Gs and an iPhone 4 over the course of approximately 4 years. In that time I had spent many dollars on apps for iOS, which has somewhat anchored me to this device. 

Right now, continuing to use an iPhone is not a problem for me. Given all the fragmentation that’s going on with the Android OS and the plethora of handset manufacturers I’m glad to not be caught up in that mess. However, Windows Phone 8 was just revealed to the world and it looks very promising!

With the increase in smartphone usage will there ever be a platform agnostic app store?

This blog isn’t going to be focused on mobile technologies, and it won’t be a collage of other people’s blog posts and news articles on other technologies either. It is going to be focused on the different technologies that I encounter on a daily/weekly/monthly basis depending on what comes my way.


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