35 hours of uptime

Per the Android system status page my phone has been operational without a reboot for just over 35 hours.


Factory reset

The fact that my phone stopped crashing after removing the Uber app must have been a sheer coincidence because the frequency of crashes started to increase the following day.

I have since done a factory reset and the time stats show just over 10 hours, so we’ll see how it goes.

Also, I am only going to use the stock Android apps for at least 24 hours of uptime, then I’ll start introducing third party apps one at a time because I officially start working remotely tomorrow. The first app that I’ll have to install will be Slack, but for everything else I am going to use Chrome as much as possible (which is what I am using to type this post).

Updates! Updates! Updates!

This post will be short, but after going through the hassle of the Uber app I noticed that once again the Google app is asking to be updated. It seems to be the same update though because it still shows that it was last updated one week ago.

However, in addition to that there are three new updates waiting to be installed as well, so I am putting my foot down and will hold off from new updates for the time being.

Is the Uber app causing Android to repeatedly crash?

I’m wondering if I am not the only person who has had this issue, but so far I have not found anything online describing the problems that I have been experiencing over the last two days. 

In the one week that I have been overseas I let my app updates stockpile to 22! That’s a heck of a lot of updates for one week, so finally I tapped “Update All” and let the Google Play Store work it’s magic. 

After doing this my phone would just randomly reboot. I witnessed it happen at least a dozen times, but it’s possible it could have rebooted more times whilst sitting in my pocket or back pack. 

I booted my phone into Safe Mode and the issue went away, so now my mind was in Sherlock Holmes mode and I started using the power of deduction to troubleshoot which of the 22 recent updates had royally screwed up my phone!

Luckily I didn’t have to do much!! After rebooting back into regular mode I noticed there were two pending app updates: Google & Uber.  

Under Google it said one week ago, but under Uber it said 13 hours ago. I figured that either a failed Google app update caused it or Uber has very quickly identified and resolved an issue with yet an even newer update. I installed both updates, but the issue continued, so I left my phone alone for the rest of the afternoon. I am on holiday after all!!!

When I started to settle down for the night I noticed that there was another pending update and sure enough it was from Uber. Under the entry it said “Last updated 6 hours ago” and so now I really started to question this app. Of course, I installed the update and unfortunately the issue persisted, so I uninstalled Uber and thus far I have not had any more issues!

Has anybody else experienced this issue on Android? If so, please leave a comment. 

This is the hardware and software that I am using: Google Pixel (5″) running Android 7.1.2. 

GTD Simplicity

I never thought of using it before, but now I am in love! Google Tasks within Gmail makes organizing my tasks super easy by simply just listing them! <BOOM> Mind blown!!!

I used to think I needed really sophisticated and featureful software to manage my todo’s and projects, but the reality is that putting all the work into managing the tasks takes away from the energy and the effort to actually get the task done!

One thing I am taking advantage of is the Google Tasks extension, which is pretty much an iFrame of the same Google Tasks list in the Gmail window. That keeps things simple, but much more accessible too.

The goal now is just to do tasks in the order that they come in without worrying too much about which task to do and delaying everything that is on my list! Unless of course something absolutely critical comes up, then I’ll have to re-prioritize, but on a typical day my new GTD strategy will just be “Start from the top”.

TRW: Preparation

TRW = The Remote Worker

This is a series that I am going to start and I’ll be adding the prefix “TRW:” to every post related to this remote worker experiment.

This week I will be clearing my desk of the two 21″ 1080p monitors that I have and will work solely from my 15″ MacBook Pro screen. It’s a luxury having two monitors and having that extra screen real estate definitely helps with the work that I do.

The problem is that I will not be carrying two monitors around with me, so I need to get used to working this way before I take off, as I do not want to waste time adjusting when I am already on the road.

Shared post: The Question

The Question – http://wp.me/p8BssP-k

I had to share the above post from a blog that I am following because it totally came in handy once again today!

I was looking at buying a new GPS watch as a “special treat” for after my marathon next weekend. I then stopped myself and asked the question “why?”. 

You see, there is always a justification that comes first to trick yourself into believing that you need something new and shiny. “Oh well I did <insert activity here> so I deserve to treat myself to <insert thingy wotsit here>”. 

I’ve been a somewhat active runner since 2012, but starting on the first of January 2017 I put myself on a 16 week training plan for my first ever marathon! It will be a big accomplishment to run 26.2 miles, but does it justify spending​ anywhere between $300-$600 on a brand new GPS running watch? For a second, yes! But then I revisited the blog post that I shared and I really thought about it and said no!

Back in early 2013 my wife bought me the GPS running watch that I have now, which is a Garmin Forerunner 110. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it and I once ran 4 runs in a week on a single charge and it didn’t even go below 50%. It also does everything I need it to:

  • Tells the time. 
  • Tracks my location & evelation. 
  • Displays my current pace & total running time. 

I know it does a few more things than that, but they are all the things that I care about and get value from. So, why do I need a new one? I don’t and instead of me thinking “I deserve it for all of the hard work!” I am now questioning how many more runs can I do with it? How many more milestones can I reach? How many more goals can I accomplish?

Until the device becomes completely unusable I will continue to use it without any desire to swap it out for no real reason.